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Instead of casting Zoe “Colorblind” Saldana to play Nina Simone, they should cast the amazing Adepero Oduye. 


  • Adepero Oduye looks EXACTLY like Nina Simone. 
  • She’s an incredible actress (Pls watch Pariah and 12 Years a Slave). 

It’s frustrating that not even a dark skinned black woman can be casted for the role of a dark skinned dark skinned black woman.

Hollywhite strikes again. 

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Vacay Vacay! 💃❤️ #ootd #asos #MissSelfridge 👙 #tbt it was yesterday…
 (at Puerto Rico beach)
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on ur period likeimage


apparently the 7-year old kid dying was another news article, he fell from an apartment building. this is unrelated to seungri’s car accident, at this point we shouldn’t trust everything we hear from news sites.

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